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Pyramid Lake Sailing

The event will be on August 21-22, at Pyramid Lake (about 45 minutes north of Reno).  We'll be holding it at Wino Beach this time.  To get there, take Pyramid Way (a.k.a. NV 445) north from I-80.  The exit is marked "Pyramid Way", and it is right at John Ascuaga's Nugget, east of downtown.  Take Pyramid Way/NV 445 north until you reach a big honking lake.  At the lake there is a Y intersection - turn hard right on NV 446 heading south/east (the sign is marked NV 446 East, but it trends south).  Continue for 2.3 miles until you see the sign for Wino Beach on the left.  There's a little dirt road that will take you down to the beach.  Be careful about driving onto the beach itself - the sand is deep and loose.

There are not a lot of services at Pyramid Lake, so be sure to bring what you need.  You will need to get a camping permit ($9 per night), which you can buy at the little store on NV 445 right after you enter the Reservation.

South end of Pyramid Lake

View Pyramid Lake in a larger map

View Pyramid Lake in a larger map